System Navigation – Navigate through the project

CSystems uses hierarchical view presentation of the system that allows easy navigation of the project status of completion at any desired level and activity.

From project completion status, checklist completed and outstanding, punchlist status and details, to the subsystem packages ready for handover and accepted systems.

CSystems powerful reporting and filing structure and scheme allows generation of significant and key status reports, package compilation attachments, relevant drawings, procedures and all related documentations.

Only focus on your scope

Know your direction

 Isolate ocurring issue

Project Forecasting and Planning – Project look ahead

Project Forecasting and Planning are represented through dashboard visualization and data analytics. These paramount information are essential for daily toolbox, weekly, and monthly meetings.

The analysis between planned and actual handover dates allows the project planning of work ahead to achieve project completion at an early stage.

The system is designed with punch list color indicator to represent severity of punch items to flag the proper action required.

Dashboard visualization

Data analytics

Enhance planning

Checksheets – Predefined checksheets across multi discipline

CSystems is built-in with a collection of checksheet templates for Inspection and Function Testing inscribed with unique barcode labels.

These bar-coded checksheets are intended to be scanned and converted to electronic files which allows the system to detect the barcode and automatically update the status along with any file attachment.

Proficient printing of checksheet in multiple sheets or batches based on system, discipline or any desired filter or configuration.

Unique Barcoded checksheets to identify document

Paperless option available

Real-time status update

Punch List management – Walktrough your punch items

Smart and convenient Punch List management that can easily be configured by category or level with bar codes. Electronically clearing of punch list items.

Efficient progress monitoring and reporting. Progress reports presented in graphs, charts and tables to indicate the configured project status.


Quick follow up for your action items

Paperless option available

Real-time status update

Handover/ Turnover – Seamless turnover process leads to smooth project handover

CSystems once configured is designed to allow the electronic or printed handover of individual or part sub-systems to multiple and selected sub-systems or packages. The system automatically generates the handover and/or turnover documentation can include:

Drawings and documents

Checksheets with attachments

Additional file attachments (i.e. vendor data)

Turnover Certificates

Handover checksheets

Status Reports (including outstanding Punch items for partial handover)

Preservation and Maintenance – 3 critical factors: Preservation, tightness and cleanliness

The systems Preservation and Maintenance module is configured to ensure compliance with equipment warranty and maintenance requirements.

The system has predefined preservation activities in checklist format with frequencies defined for efficient monitoring and scheduling.

The system generates scheduled work lists and preservation status reports including findings and summary reports.

Inspection of equipment on receipt

Interval based preservation

Documentation for Preservation dossier

Seamless Data Transfer – turn your raw data into critical information

The system provides a dynamic user interface allowing several options for quick and easy manipulation of data import and export. Data can be imported and uploaded from various common sources like MS Excel, CSV files, and the likes. Linking of tags can be automatically configured with a defined equipment function matrix reference.

System and Sub-systems can be defined and broken down into turnover packages, containing one or multiple disciplines for flawless and progressive handover and/or turnover.

Support for various file types: XLSX, CSV, XML

Easy configuration and mapping

Swift data transfer

Commissioning and Turnover procedures – automatic procedure population

Automatically compiling and generating a Commissioning procedure from the collection of attached checksheets, punch lists and its progress status including relevant reports, drawings, files and written procedures from the system hierarchy.

Automatic data population from the database

Comprehensive project documentation

Available in the cloud

Comprehensive project documentation

PT Mitra Konsultasi Indonesia

What is CSystem?

CSystem is a comprehensive software suite for monitor and manage Construction, Precommissioning, Commissioining, Start-up, Turnover and Handover Facilities / Asset. CSystem guarantee information traceability of large volume and complexity of commissioning data which comprises planning, execution, and control of hundreds of thousands of inspection and test activities on “commissionable objects”, such as instruments, equipment, skids, modules, circuits, loops, subsystems, and systems.


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